We would like to thank all the parents for helping to make the Meet the Teacher Night a successful event! There was a great turn-out last night and it is because of our parents' strong role that they play in their children's learning journeys, that make events such as this a success!

I hope that our conference was able to provide you with some valuable insight into your child's typical day in grade 1 and a general overview of the curriculum (for more specific learning expectations, please see the curriculum section on this website).

I realise that we were limited in time for questions and suggestions regarding your child or our classroom so please feel free to contact me for additional information. 

Yours in education,

madame clode


 Dear Parents,


 I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Madame Clode (Deschamps) and I am your child’s Math teacher this year. I am looking forward to an exciting year! It is my goal to provide all students with an educationally challenging, yet fun, experience in my classroom.


 Please know you are welcome to drop in to help at any time, no need to arrange an appointment, just stop and join me in helping to teach your children… the more hands, heads and hearts the better! 

  • You will need to sign in at the office beforehand.
  • Mathematics period is at 11:15 to 12:15.

 I believe that communication with parents is crucial to a successful year, and that honest communication can head off issues before they develop. Know that I am here with an open mind and a willingness to listen to any concerns that might arise throughout the year.


 I can promise you the best of myself for your son or daughter, each and every day.


 I look forward to meeting you at parent/teacher conferences later this September.


 If you wish, you are welcome to send me the following information:

What is your child passionate about?

What would you like me to know about your child?

What are your concerns, if any?


 Yours in Education, 

    Madame Clode

    Rockcliffe Park School

    Learning Resource Support Teacher/Grade 1 Math